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Meditate An encouraging guide that teaches us through our own experience how to spiritually enrich our everyday li. This is a book that will stay by my bed It is not something you read through and then are done

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Metaphysical Meditations

In this book Paramahansa Yogananda offers prayers and affirmations that beginners and experienced meditators alike. According to a 2014 survey by CBS News the preferred Beatles in the United States are Paul and John The least popular is George though I d have thought it was Ringo And although I do have my John moments he s definitely my second favorite and sometimes my first I m always drawn back to George It s a bit unconventional I admit but I think that George Harrison is my favorite Beatle Yes this shocking confession is true I am among the 8% of Americans who favors George over the other Beatles And it was probably this esteem for George Harrison and his friend Ravi Shankar that first put Paramahansa Yogananda on my radar I had later read that Paramahansa Yogananda s Autobiography of a Yogi was not only one of George s favorites but was also listed as one of Apple co founder Steve Jobs most cherished reads Several years ago I went to the Self Realization Center in Encinitas CA and although I considered picking up a copy of Yogananda s autobiography at the time I didn t In fact I passed it up on many occasions and though I d intended to read the book for some years I still haven t done so I didn t even buy it until very recently at the Self Realization Center in Los Angeles I ve yet to read the autobiography it s currently in my immediate to read pile which means I ll probably get to it in a few weeks or maybe months In the meantime I also picked up this little book Metaphysical Meditations one of many texts written by the prolific Paramahansa Yogananda and pushed it to the front of my to read ueue It s a useful little book filled with meditations to help focus one s thoughts and clear the mind some very beautifully written with lines like Mother Divine draw aside Thy glittering veil of cosmic motion pictures I am the prince of peace playing in a drama of sad and happy dreams on the stage of experience and The man of initiative creates something from nothing he makes the impossible possible by the great inventive power of spirit and I was reminded of George s music and of Jack Kerouac s The Scripture of the Golden Eternity and also of a number of 19th and 20th century poets who have dabbled in Eastern religions and philosophies There is nothing overtly profound in the collection but it could be said that the work is profound in its simplicity For initiates in the art or science as Yogananda prefers of meditation this is a good introduction as it includes a brief discussion on how to meditate and also provides readers with several guided meditations For those already familiar with meditation and the general ideas espoused by those like Yogananda it s a good little refresher with some beautiful language that blossoms to the surface every now and again much like a sacred lotus flower It s a short little read and is good for focusing the mind Yogananda s influence is not easy to ignore he made these Eastern thoughts accessible to Westerners perhaps so than any before him But his influence probably seems minute today with Yoga studios on every other corner and corporations sponsoring weekend meditation retreats just as the influence and inventiveness of films like Citizen Kane and Hiroshima Mon Amour may be unappreciated by modern viewers who fail to trace the techniues and ideas they have become so familiar with to their roots But although one may be a pioneer another may take the ideas still further make them accessible artistic valuable Better than anything written here by Yogananda I think are the words of George especially when set to music Try to realise it s all within yourselfNo one else can make you changeAnd to see you re really only very smallAnd life flows on within you and without youWith George on the sitar plus the other instrumentation it s really sublime In a way perhaps George himself a Westerner with his influence as a Beatle made these Eastern thoughts accessible to an even greater number than Yogananda and helped expand the consciousness of millions Then again naysayers may argue that it was just the effects of the LSD

SUMMARY Metaphysical Meditations

Can use to awaken the boundless joy peace and inner freedom of the soulIncludes introductory instructions on how to. I like this book

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    According to a 2014 survey by CBS News the preferred Beatles in the United States are Paul and John The least popular is George though I'd have thought it was Ringo And although I do have my John moments he's definitely my second fav

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    I was looking through this for something specific and then realized I'd never actually read it all the way through small though it is So I did It's really a lovely little book to carry around in your pocket and dip into throughout the day for a reminder of God Sort of a miniature Whispers From Eternity Mostly bite sized prayers and affirmations with some slightly longer passages that could work as guided meditations

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    Demasiado religioso pensé ue hablaría menos de Dios

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    I like this book

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    ExcellentVery good book I plan to read it again and again The visions brought on from reading this book are of peace and love

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    a good guide into deeper meditation

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    This is a book that will stay by my bed It is not something you read through and then are done

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    A good daily reader

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    Nice collection of soothing meditations that can help calm your thought process during stressful times

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