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A blast furnace and polishing metals to forging iron and steel and spinning metals on a lathe this comprehensive guidebook includes the tools materials and processes that are fundamental to the art of metalworking Included here is information on working sheet.

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With over 2000 black and white illustrations and clear practical instructions given by expert handyman and blacksmith Paul N Hasluck Metalworking offers everything you need to know to turn a chunk of metal into a useful and well crafted product From building.

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Metals gold and silver; building a dynamo and electric motor; making a vertical steam engine; and This ultimate do it yourself guide to metalworking is ideal for all handymen and women do it yourself types and industry professionals amateur and seasoned alik.

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    Many interesting projects drawings and text some of which are still useful A reprint from a early 20th century book find it online it's long out of copyright

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    This book is a solid introduction to many areas of metalworking which may be of interest to hobbyists It describes basic techniues and illustrates several interesting projects While the age of this book's source material leaves the sections on machining feeling uaint the only hard criticism that I have is my frustration at how difficult the measured drawings are to read

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    This is one of my go to books for both researching how things were made way back when late 1800s to early 1900s as well as for machining projects in the here now A caution however many of these techniuespractices were done long before OSHA existed 'Nuf said