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Summary INVASI by Raja Faisal

INVASI by Raja Faisal

Home INVALSI INVALSI presenta il giugno la ricerca Modelli per la stima del valore aggiunto di scuola realizzata insieme al Politecnico di Milano Procedure pubbliche per il reclutamento di esperti Avvio di una procedura di selezione per il tramite della Banca Dati Esperti e Professionisti attivata dall’INVALSI finalizzata al conferimento di due incarichi di lavoro autonomo della invasi Wiktionnaire invasi Dfinition traduction prononciation anagramme et synonyme sur le dictionnaire libre Wiktionnaire Sauter la navigation Sauter la recherche Latin modifier le wikicode Forme de verbe modifier le wikicode invasi Prononciation ? Gnitif masculin et neutre singulier de invasus Nominatif masculin pluriel de invasus Vocatif masculin pluriel de invasus Rcupre de Meilleures Invasi Photos et images Getty Images Trouvez la perfection en matire de photos et images d'actualit de Invasi sur Getty Images Tlchargez des images premium ue vous ne trouver. This review first appeared in my blog The Malaysian ReaderReading Invasi I can t help but compare it to another book in Fixi s stable ZOMBIJAYA Both feature a sudden horrific destruction of Klang Valley by an otherworldly threat and both feature a motley crew of young urbanites who have to turn from party animals to gung ho warriors in order to survive The difference is Zombijaya isn t bad while Invasi is just bad Invasi features Ahmad Bayani a young civil engineer who lives life to the fullest An orphan who was abandoned by his mother when he was four he eschews close relationships and cares for no one except himself The only person he dares to call a friend is Anwar a co worker and fellow party animal and their relationship is so close I daresay what they have is nothing short of a bromance It comes in handy when much of Kuala Lumpur is instantly destroyed one night while the two guys were just about to paint the town red Shocked and awed by the attack Ahmad Bayani and Anwar seek escape from the vaguely described aliens I imagined them something akin to the creature from the Predator movies and of course in this kind of stories the two soon come across other survivors and soon form an alliance in order to survive and maybe take down a few of the aliensAnd here s where my suspension of disbelief refused to be suspended any and instead stood up and asked Hang on a minute Ahmad Bayani who we are told is someone who looks out only for Number 1 almost immediately becomes a Good Samaritan when he and Anwar comes across a young girl escaping from a lone alien His ready embrace of the hero status was also hard to take There were no hints in the earlier chapters to indicate any redeeming ualities that Ahmad Bayani may have buried within him and yet when Malaysia is invaded by bad ass scary looking extra terrestrials no less Ahmad drops his selfishness and immediately becomes The Last Malay Hero These sudden about turns in character was too jarring for me to just ignore itThere were other out of left field developments that suggested to me that author Raja Faisal did not fully sketch out his characters thoroughly before writing preferring instead to focus on the alien ass kicking For example Ahmad Anwar and the survivors they come across were all handy with firearms and were able to kill the aliens with almost no difficulty I could see this happening in gun obsessed America but not in a country where owning a firearm without a permit is punished by death A couple of the survivors turn out to be spoiler alert members of the intelligence community so that probably explains their adeptness with weapons but that does not explain the rest of them Were Ahmad and Anwar paintball champions Or does Malaysia have a large community of gun aficionados that I m not aware of In the meantime one survivor Ika just happens to be good with first aid which is convenient in a war zone with no medical personnel around Another survivor Jo is an explosives technician and has driven heavy machinery in America when she worked in a coal mine Again uite convenient when you need someone to plant bombs and navigate a 4 wheel drive on roads littered with debris and abandoned vehicles I know it is unfair to compare this book with another in this case Zombijaya but in the zombie book the survivors behaved realistically afraid and unsure most of the time and where being a hero usually means an early deathStill Invasi populates a sparsely populated Malaysian science fiction genre and who knows maybe Raja Faisal s debut could spur other local writers to write better Malaysian flavoured science fiction

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Raja Faisal â 6 Summary

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  • 02 October 2019
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10 thoughts on “INVASI by Raja Faisal

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    This review first appeared in my blog The Malaysian ReaderReading Invasi I can’t help but compare it to another book in Fixi’s sta

  2. says:

    Great work Unforgettable I'll never be able

  3. says:

    To tell you the truth this is the first sci fi book I've ever read I enjoyed watching sci fi movies like iRobot Avatar Alien My favorite Martian

  4. says:

    Well I can say that it is a very good read I never read any science fiction books from Malaysia and this is a great start I

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    read this book last nightwalopun klise tp invasion kat malaysia impressed me enoughada makmal bwah KLCCspy teori stephen hawking falsafahagak superficial ada loophole n kurg deeptp still acceptable

  6. says:

    Just a fun reading option story wise was typical But still fun to read

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    A really amazing story It starts out slow at the start at first its kinda boring but then it builds up the tension and you can really feel the devastation and pain going through the characters and the country as they faced an alien invasionBut the ending is a real let down where it has the typical Hollywood type of ending predictable and also uninteresting But Raja Faisal attempt at writing a Sci Fi novel paid

  8. says:

    Reminds me of Cloverfield except there is no woman bursts into pieces Only the hero died and scientists screwed up big time Since this author stated this is his first Science fiction novel I'll cut him some slack O

  9. says:

    Its nice to read this book The plot is brilliant but the most interesting part is because the setting are very close to home I like it because it reminds me of my childhood my mom's own backyard I hope he will write

  10. says:

    Superlove the book Superlove the cover too I hope to see sci fi books from the author

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