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    3 12 stars An Honorable Gentleman was a sweet and uick regency mystery from one of my favorite authors It didn't uite grip me as Regina's others have but it had a heartwarming small town or village in this case feel to it and endearing characters A nice easy weekend read and I enjoyed it's uniue simplicity Update to 4 stars 12415 I think I would have enjoyed this novel all the if I had read The Irresistible

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    This story is a follow up of The Irresistible Earl The earl's friend sir Trevor is the lead hero in this one He finds himself the owner of an estate Blackcliff where he meets the energetic and kind Gwen daughter of the steward She is determined to make him like Blackcliff and it's generous people since the successful operation of the main house and the nearby mine is essential to the well being of the locals Added to that is the mistery o

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    A bit too preachy but that's all on me I enjoyed one of this authors other books and thought this would be like the others I've read LI books before that were just ultra cleantraditional That was not the case here I felt se

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    Gwen was too managing to very enjoyable Such a modern woman in this historical setting but if you set that aside the story was enjoyable enough

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    This was a clean read

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    35 starsA well written clean book that doesn't doesn't beg to read a second time

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    Loved it

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    2 stars

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    We'll call this one research Christian historical fiction romance with a touch of mystery As far as genres go that's a lot in one book It's int

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    I liked this book much than the Irresistible Earl It contains a mystery that though I figured out really uickly had me interested to see how the characters would figure it out The characters are appealing than Chase and Mercedee too Sir Trevor has a slightly roguish air about him that I find attractive He's not overbearing like his friend though he is rather cynical at first Gwen is an appealing heroine because she's strong and

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Must convince Trevor to stay and make the hall and the village depending on it prosperous againThe decaying estate is just another reminder to Trevor of his noble father's rejection Abandoning it for London could restore his cheerbut how can he disa. 35 starsA well written clean book that doesn t doesn t beg to read a second time

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When the owner of ramshackle Blackcliff Hall arrives the locals have high hopes that Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam will set things to rights Especially Gwen Allbridge the estate manager's daughter who has single handedly kept Blackcliff Hall going Now she. 3 12 stars An Honorable Gentleman was a sweet and uick regency mystery from one of my favorite authors It didn t uite grip me as Regina s others have

READ ¿ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê Regina Scott

Ppoint Gwen Her faith in him makes him yearn to live up to the ideals she holds dear As disturbing unexplained events encroach on the pair Gwen's steadfast courage will rise to meet Trevor's newfound honor as they learn that there's no dream like ho. 2 stars