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    Reading the personal journey of someone’s life and spirituality has been an awe inspiring experience Any belief system is near and dear to the one who believes in it so to put it all out there for everyone to read takes some bravery and confidence This book was very matter of fact and no fuss The explanations he used to compare things to help us understand what he was saying worked amazinglyHe has forever

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Ons and multi dimensional beings A Shaman’s Tale provides answers to uestions about the paranormal mysticism and the mysteries of life and death It is also an autobiographical narrative about one man’s journey to spiritual awareness a journey that is not a religious.

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A Shamans Tale

According to a 2009 Harris Poll 42% of American adults believe in ghosts and paranormal activities Through candid and powerful anecdotes meditation teacher and spiritual counselor Richard Alaniz guides his readers to an understanding of the purpose of spirit manifestati.

download ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Â Richard L Alaniz

Or political one but one that transcends dimension space and time Based on his experience as a shaman and his encounters with the paranormal Richard Alaniz shows how paranormal experiences can illuminate a spirit world to those who are in search of higher consciousness.