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E but one that transcends dimension space and time Through his experience as a shaman and his encounters with the paranormal Richard Alaniz expl.

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A Shamans Tale

A Shaman's Tale is the autobiographical narrative about one man's journey to spiritual awareness This journey is not a religious or political on.

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Ains how paranormal experiences may bring awareness to the spirit world in a way that serves individuals who are in search of higher consciousne.

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    Well Richard really isn't a good author plus most of the book seems like he is cribbing Carlos Castaneda's book just replacing Yaui with Comanche So it's dull and very formulaic I was rather surprised by that Of course it's New Agey as all get out but I expected that it's the whole Jungian interweavings to prove points that are tenuous at best that just get you eye rolling along I'd say Give it a passhttpwwwsaloncom20070412casta

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