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  • Kindle Edition
  • 315
  • Can You See Me Now?
  • Robert Lubrican
  • English
  • 19 January 2019
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2 thoughts on “Can You See Me Now?

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    This book is the best one I’ve read from the crazily creative mind of Robert Lubrican It’s a very solid romance with a light touch of erotica And it is thoroughly charming Robert has the ability to create whole and unusual characters in uniue circumstances and made it all work plausibly His uniue ability to entwine

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    Another classic from Lubrican This is probably the best narrative of a long distance relationship I've ever encountered Fun sexy yet also very believable I mean why wouldn't a satellite analyst for the NSA get a wandering eye every so often? It's not like he'd happen upon the girl of his dreams sunbathing in her back yard right?

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Can You See Me Now?

G on a sheet and fastened it to her roof It was a joke really the kind of tongue in cheek protest that might ma.

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She read about how little privacy was left in the world because of the cameras on satellites She wrote somethin.

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Ke a good story some day Nobody would actually see it Except someone did see it And it changed her life forever.