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In Domain of Perfect Affection Robin Becker explores the conditions under which we experience and resist pleasure in beauty salon summer camp beach backyard or museum; New York or New Mexico “The Mosaic injunction against the graven image” inspires meditations on drawings by Dürer Evans Klee Marin and del Sarto To the consolations o.

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Domain of Perfect Affection Pitt Poetry Series

F art and human intimacy Becker brings playfulness “Worry stole the kayaks and soured the milk” suffused with self knowledge “Worry wraps her long legs around me promises to be mine forever” In “The New Egypt” the narrator mines her family’s legacy “From my father I learned the dignity of exile and the fire of acuisition.

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Not to live in places lightly but to plant the self like an orange tree in the desert” Becker’s shapely stanzas couplets tercets uatrains pantoum sonnet syllabics subvert her collouial diction creating a seamless merging of subject and form Luminous sensual these poems offer sharp pleasures as they argue elegize mourn praise and sing.

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    From Summer's Tale Robin Becker asks Who could chose one god among all the brightfeathers of August and in a similar way it would be almost impossible for me to choose a favorite among the poems this book contains August and Head of an Angel have endings that make you draw in a deep breath of uiet admiration a little in awe of Becker's craftworkThis is my favorite collection of Becker's poems since All American Girl which came out in the

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    I would give this book 3 and a half stars But that being said I don't really read much poetry I like Haiku better But I did enjoy some of the poems in this book as they relate to life My three favorites in the book are the poems called August Description and Island of Daily Life One of the book groups I belong to picked this as their monthly read

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    Upon re reading I'd give this 35 stars if I could I uite liked some of the poems but the collection as a whole didn't really strike me as anything special