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Ghostly bursts of plaster dust A low rhythmic sound in the background Red rum RED RUM red rum RED RUM A sense of something evil swirling inward on itself like a whirlpool of black ectoplasmic energy The experience of being inside the actual consciousness come out and take your medicine of a frightened little boy Echoes of Shirley Jackson whatever walked there walked alone of Poe s Masue of the Red Death and of creepy folk tales Hansel and GretelHow do we love The Shining Let us count the ways In The Shining was the first widely read novel to confront alcoholism and child abuse in baby boomer families especially the way alcoholism a will toward failure in one s work and abusing one s kids are passed down from generation to generation The heart of the book is not an evil hotel but a pair of father son relationships Jack and his father Jack and hi.

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S son This was both daring and insightful for its time long before dysfunctional family was a clichThe Shining was written in a frenzy Stephen King imagined the whole novel in his head while sitting up all night in the dark in the very Colorado hotel where the story takes place He then transcribed it that s how he puts it in a burst of sustained energy He could pull that off because even at that early point in his career King had figured out a successful way of structuring a popular novel The speed of its composition gives the writing a powerful flow that sweeps you along past the awkward wordingThe Shining is one of those rare novels that can burn its images such as Room into your brain Time alone will tell but The Shining may well turn out to be one of the best horror novels ever written By the way you know that film starring Jack Nicholson S.

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Tephen King says I have my days when I think I gave Kubrick a live grenade on which he heroically threw his body Fiona WebsterA master storyteller Los Angeles Times ScaryServes up horrors at a brisk unflagging pace The New York Times This chilling novel will haunt you and make your blood run cold and your heart race with fear Nashville Banner Guaranteed to frighten you into fits with a climax that is literally explosive Cosmopolitan The most wonderfully gruesome man on the planet USA TodayAn undisputed master of suspense and terror The Washington Post King probably knowsabout scary goings on in confined isolated places than anybody since Edgar Allan Poe Entertainment WeeklyHe s the author who can always make the improbable so scary you ll feel compelled to check the locks on the front door The Boston GlobePeerless imagination The Observer Londo.