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  • His Unexpectedly Wild Ride To Love #3
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  • 22 November 2017
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    2 12 stars This book started off really good exciting characters Jenna was a free spirit into free love She tur

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    I read this book about 5 yrs ago; I enjoyed it then and enjoyed rereading it While the book had shortcomings I enjoyed the characters and the sex was good too It’s a good story that fits in well with the other 3 parts of the story I’m now reading the final installment and enjoying MM who’s wedding brough

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    I'm a long time fan of Susan Fox's books she also writes under Susan Lyons and HIS UNEXPECTEDLY just solidified that posit

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    I really enjoyed this light hearted and sexy contemporary romance Dr Mark Chambers is a sweet character Opposites attract when he meets up with Jenna Fallon a free love kind of girl

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    The h identifies herself as a butterfly gets the first tattoo of it when she is 15 and thinks she has spiritually affinity to environment Since 15 she never grew up and thinks she loses common sense when she falls in love I think she never ha

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    25 35 starsThis book was difficult thus my vast rating range There are definitely things I didn't like and definitely things I did likeI think that of the sisters Jenna is the one I have the hardest time liking and relating to There's a lot to admire about her live for today and the universe will bring what you need att

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    His Unexpectedly by Susan FoxContemporary Romance – Jan 25th 20114 12 starsHis Unexpectedly by Susan Fox AKA Susan Lyons in the 3rd novel about sisters who find men they love on their way to their sister's upcoming wedding This is the stor

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    Jenna Fallon is on her way to her little sister’s wedding when her car breaks down Short on cash and reluctant to call on her family who disapprove of her free spirited ways Jenna hitches a ride with Dr Mark Chambers a serious minded marine biologists who travels around the world saving the world’s creatures Despite

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    This was a good story and there was something sexy about the way Mark behaved shy and kind of dowdy and intimidated at how hard and fast Jenna came onto him but I couldn't take Jenna She turned me off with her 'live for today' attitude and the way she acted so caviler about sex and turning Mark on without having serious intentions I felt she was very self centered No matter how hard I tried she annoyed the heck out of me From the time she

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    His Unexpectedly is a delightful erotic read that I could not put down once I started The heroine Jenna Fallon reminded me so much of myself that I was engrossed from the very first page The erotic sex scenes in this book took me to a special placea place where I believe real love and passion can really work together Jenna Fallon is a free

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His Unexpectedly Wild Ride To Love #3

Ide with a sexy stranger she's thrilled to discover they share the same no holds barred viewsAs a globe trotting marine biologist Mark Chambers is used to changing locations and women Yet as he and Jenna make. The h identifies herself as a butterfly gets the first tattoo of it when she is 15 and thinks she has spiritually affinity to environment Since 15 she never grew up and thinks she loses common sense when she falls in love I think she never had any common sense even back when she fell out of love back when her teenage ex turned out to be a loser At 30 this free spirit to fly to Bali chasing after H has to borrow money from her mom What an adult and she gets offended when her family calls her a flake I don t believe in their HEA and wish the H would just move on

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Their way up the Pacific coast camping skinny dipping and having scorching hot sex Mark's not so sure he wants to say goodbye But is Jenna brave enough to meet the challenge of a man who may be perfect for her. His Unexpectedly by Susan FoxContemporary Romance Jan 25th 20114 12 starsHis Unexpectedly by Susan Fox AKA Susan Lyons in the 3rd novel about sisters who find men they love on their way to their sister s upcoming wedding This is the story of Jenna Fallon the free spirit of the familyJenna flits from one man to man and travels on a whim But Jenna s happy go lucky ways are really a cover for the deep pain she carries from a young affair that went wrong Now Jenna only lives for the moment When her old car Mellow Yellow breaks down on the California Coast she knows she has to find a ride since she only brought enough gas money for the trip to Canada and her sister s wedding and she doesn t believe in credit cards Jenna is in luck when she finds and persuades the super serious Matt Chambers to give her a ride since he is also on his way to CanadaMatt is enchanted by the beautiful and impetuous Jenna and can t believe he has agreed to drive with her to Canada And a chance meeting turns into so much This story starts out with a somewhat improbable beginning I was wondering wouldn t the characters relationship feel a little forced and the issue of riding with a complete stranger unsafe But Matt turns out to be super serious and responsible and the safest person to thumb a ride with I liked how he even tried to persuade Jenna how dangerous it is and decides to have her ride with him to prevent her from meeting someone dangerous Even the beginning he is concerned about a stranger Jenna is very impetuous and as a serious person myself I couldn t imagine hitching a ride but the author made the characters seem very plausible and realisticJenna and Matt s relationship is fun to read as Jenna comes on the Matt She feels sex is natural and definitely loosens Matt up I enjoyed how Jenna who seems like a carefree person actually has deep secrets and is only able to open up with Matt and tells him secrets that she can t even her family Matt soon realizes how much he cares for Jenna and wants her with him always I liked how although they seem like total opposites but they both actually have a lot in common such as their love for nature and exploring and especially their deep feelings for each other It is interesting that Matt 1st realizes he loves Jenna and tries to gently get Jenna to trust and possibly commit to him His character made me fall in love with him This is my favorite in the series because I really like the growing relationship between them Plus Susan Fox really knows how to heat up the scenes between the 2 main charactersRomantic sweet and with deep characters who are engaging and easy to love This is a steamy book with a satisfying romance that is sure to pleaseReviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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A Pleasure Trip To Remember Shying away from commitment of any kind Jenna Fallon's rules in life are to have none So when her car breaks down en route from California to Vancouver and she's forced to hitch a r. I m a long time fan of Susan Fox s books she also writes under Susan Lyons and HIS UNEXPECTEDLY just solidified that position She brings us yet again into an intensely emotional journey of a young woman who finds her way back to her real self and to love with the help of that one special guy Ms Fox is truly a master at character development and characterization and her characters in this Wild Ride to Love series are all different and uniue She even makes the mundane sound interesting Once you start reading her fluid writing style and master storytelling just sucks you in and draws you along for the rideJenna is the third sister in the Fallon family we ve met Theresa in SEX DRIVE and Kat in LOVE UNEXPECTEDLY She s the free spirit the one who goes from moment to moment guy to guy and doesn t want to be tied down Life changes when she has to go back home in time for little sister s wedding and she hitches a ride with Dr Mark Chambers a marine biologistMark is a bit like Jenna in that he doesn t hold conventional ideas on certain things but in other ways he s this serious responsible guy who s passionate about the environment especially the ocean He doesn t really approve of Jenna s lifestyle as his childhood had taught him the importance of security and structures However when he finds himself falling for Jenna he had to wonder if things would work out between them and would Jenna be able to love him and be willing to settle for just one man in her lifeI have to admit that I didn t like Jenna at first both from the previous books as based on her sisters descriptions of her and when this book started I think I didn t like her at first because I couldn t relate to her She s so different from me and from the people I know Still I was intrigued enough to read Jenna s story because I wanted to know about her what makes her tick And the I read the I get to know her the I sympathize with her She s a free spirit because life and circumstances made her so She hides a deep secret one that makes her ache even now Her parents and sisters always judged that when something bad happened to her her teenage self hadn t had a safe place to confess my mistakes and share my deepest sorrows That was so sad and surprisingly it resonated because I ve been there And that made me realize there s depth to Jenna and I couldn t wait to know Mark is a geek a HOT geek and very serious as in jokes and sexual innuendoes fly right over his head But would you believe that it only makes him so sexy it was all I could do not to fight Jenna for him He s totally adorable and sweet and like Jenna I would ve loved learning from him The guy s a veritable font of information I really loved loved LOVED Damien the hero in SEX DRIVE but Mark sure could give him some serious competition As I said earlier Ms Fox has an amazing talent for character development I like the way my perceptions of Mark and Jenna changed and changed and changed yet again as I read onward Not only that but both characters did change and grow over the course of the book depicting how we are influenced by the people we meet if we are open to themThe romantic development between Jenna and Mark was just right in line with how they open their souls up to one another I like how they complement one another how Jenna taught Mark to play and have fun even as he pointed out the benefit of planning ahead of having a goal and purpose in life I like that they became better persons well rounded due to the other s influence and I especially like how they became not only lovers but friends as well The sex between them was explosive super hot and I swear I reached for ice a lot of times to cool down Ms Fox sure does know how to write good sex scenes and although there were a few of them each one of them moved the plot along and heightened the growing intimacy between Jenna and MarkOh and need I say I love the title It s just perfect for this storyA book in this series wouldn t be complete without updates in the lives of the other sisters and I really loved knowing about the progress in the other couples relationships and from a different point of view If you don t mind a little spice in your books this series is a must read for the great characters sweet romance explosive passion and thought provoking view on lifeReviewed by Shanafor The Romance Reviewshttperotictheromancereviewscomv

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