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    I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through Italy I listened to the audio book narrated by Gildart Jackson and he was excellent This was a bit of a farcical journey attempting to recreate arguably the most grueling bike race in history Moore has to search far and wide to find a 100 year old bicycle that was capable of making t

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    35 stars

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    The Giro It is Italy's own grand tour and takes place at the end of May and has been held since 1909The 1914 Giro was one of the toughest that

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    if you're a tim moore fan then you;re already sold and know this is funny a bit poignant has pretty good geographical and historical nuggets and is uirky and irreverentmoore builds his own bike out of a old old fr

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    Advanced reading copy review Due to be published May 15 2015British travel writer and humorist Tim Moore takes on a bicycle trip through Italy challenge in Gironimo I've never read Mr Moore's work before and I haven't been on a bicycle since the 1970's but once again my last minute grab at the ARC pile at work has led me to a wonderful dis

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    Tim Moore retraces the route of the 1914 Giro d'Italia in true mad dogs and Englishman form astride a wooden rimmed gearless

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    From BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekTim Moore retraces the route and tells the story of the 1914 Giro d'Italia bicycle race

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    Not as enjoyable as French Revolutions still uite fun to listen to

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    The ending of the first paragraph gives the reader a good idea of what to expect for this volume as a whole and p

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Tim Moore Æ 2 Summary


F 400 kilometre stages cataclysmic night storms and relentless sabotage all on a diet of raw eggs and red wine Of the 81 who rolled out of Milan only eight made it back Committed to total authenticity Tim acuires the ruined husk of a gearless wooden wheeled 1914 road bike some maps and an alarming period outfit topped o. The Giro It is Italy s own grand tour and takes place at the end of May and has been held since 1909The 1914 Giro was one of the toughest that ever took place with only eight yes eight finishers at the end of the Tour from a start number of 81 Some of the stages were in excess of 400km long and the competitors would start at midnight and ride for around 24 hoursAnd it is was this infamous tour that Moore decides to replicate He has also chosen to ride it on a bike that is 100 years old with wooden rims and cork brakes and some genuine woollen garment None of your lycra in those days He builds the bike a Hirondelle himself with a lot of help from able assistants and other mechanically adept people and following a scant amount of training boards the plane to Milan Moore tries where possible to follow the original route but as there was no map kept and roads have changed then it is not always as easy to do The lack of training is immediately apparent as well as the the very sharp learning curve that is the Italian traffic system He writes about his experience in hotels and guest house from the truly superb to the frankly appalling He easts an awful lot of pizza and tries his best to reduce the Italian red wine lakeMoore writes in an easily accessible style he is witty and on occasions very very funny He has a keen eye and there is plenty of detail of the people and place that he travels through on his own tour It is not uotes as good as French Revolutions his book on the Tour de France but I really enjoyed it

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Twelve years after Tim Moore toiled round the route of the Tour de France he senses his achievement being undermined by the truth about 'Horrid Lance' His rash response is to take on a fearsome challenge from an age of untarnished heroes the notorious 1914 Giro d'Italia History's most appalling bike race was an ordeal o. view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler

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Ff with a pair of blue lensed welding goggles What unfolds is the tale of decreipt crock trying to ride another up a thousand lonely hills then down them with only wine corks for brakes From the Alps to the Adriatic the pair steadily fall to bits on an adventure that is by turns bold beautiful and recklessly incompetent. From BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekTim Moore retraces the route and tells the story of the 1914 Giro d Italia bicycle race

About the Author: Tim Moore

Tim Moore is a British travel writer and humorist He was educated at Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith In addition to his seven published travelogues to date his writings have appeared in various publications including Esuire The Sunday Times The Independent The Observer and the Evening Standard He was also briefly a journalist for the Teletext computer games magazine Digitiser under th