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Ing story about the difficult love that exists between parents and children the inability of people ever to say the right thing the grotesue yet universal process of growing old and the perverse mysteries of love and deat.

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Mothers and Daughters

At the center of this novel is the story of a daughter looking after her mother who's been admitted to a nursing home after a stroke landed her in the hospital All her mother wants is pain medicine and to go home This del.

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Icate situation serves as a jumping off point for Rudan to wander freely through memories of her parents her husband friends and a daughter of her own Out of these materials Rudan weaves together an unsentimental unflinch.

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    “Everyone talks about the extension of people’s life span as a miracle we ought to rejoice at The extension of some people’s life is a killing of other people in their best years”Set in modern day Croatia Mothers and Daughters opens with the sixty year old narrator’s husband enjoying a garlic infused meal and a glass of white wine The reader will learn that the smell of this gastronomic combination br

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