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Contemporary statements and confessions from € Mexican Baptist Convention€ National Baptist Convention of America Inc€ Cooperative Baptist Fellowship€ Alliance of Baptists€ Primitive Baptists€ American Baptist Churches USA€ Baptist World AllianceThis comprehensive resource also provides confessions of other nationali.

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Baptist Confessions of Faith

Ties originally including German Swedish French Canadian and Russian and newly updated with international confessions from€ Baptist Unions of Nigeria and Southern Africa€ Statements of Faith from the Baptist Theological Seminaries in Beirut Lebanon in Malaysia and in Hong Kong€ Declaration of Faith from the Japan Baptist Uni.

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Originally published in 1959 updated in 1969 and revised again in 2011 Baptist Confessions of Faith contains every important Baptist confession of faith from the forerunners in the early seventeenth century through the 2000 revision of the Southern Baptist Convention's Baptist Faith and Message The newly expanded text encompasses.

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