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A Broome whose vibrant passion declared a fierce proud country hers to fight for But other voices raised the specter of race hatred and violence Now the move toward unity could forever divide a peopleor prove the ultimate triumph for those who challenged an entire continent to creat one free and mighty la.

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The Nationalists

The eleventh epic volume in the saga of a great young nation ruggedrestless and boundless with dreamsBack of book A Time of War and Glory A time for the new Australians to forge a wild land into one united stateThe days of exploration were over Now cries of unlock the land echoed from the outback to the c.

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Osmopolitan streets of Sydney A young generation farmers bushrangers dancehall girls shippers soldier's and mates would be the first to call this down under land their native soilTheir dream was one nation under God united Their champions were THE NATIONALISTS like beautiful Java Gordon daughter of Jessic.

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    I love this series There were a couple of weaker entries earlier on in this series but this one is really well done While I’m glad

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    After giving every other book so far in this series a 4 or 5 star this one gets a 3 It took nearly 13 of the book to get a good pace I had trouble actually getting to like most of the characters in this book It seemed like a collection of unrelated stories that are somehow supposed to be seamed together at the end This

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